Paul Echevarria

Do you believe in miracles? As a career woman who has been taught her entire life that ‘nothing is handed to you on a silver platter and life is what you make of it (and you better not end up in the kitchen)’ neither did I. I was in control of all aspects of my life, from my education, career, job to the ‘esteemed’ people I surrounded myself with. And I was miserable.

Nothing was ever good enough. Nothing was ever challenging enough. I couldn’t satiate the unstoppable thirst that thrived in me. If I had done everything right, how come I felt so empty? It all caught up with me and in a matter of weeks my universe crumbled in front of me leaving me with no control over anything around me… until I received a phone call that changed my life.

If there was a place I had to be it was in Osmara’s Butterfly Club. I had been taught to neglect the only part of me that could ever make me whole: my soul, and I found it here. Now I know I grow stronger than ever, and I join this group of courageous soul warriors in spreading the love that will make us all happier, fulfilled, and conscious beings.

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