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A Guided Mindfulness Meditation To Increase Well-being & Inner Calm

In Buddhism, mindfulness is the key.  Mindfulness is the energy that sheds light on all things and all activities, producing the...

Read Time: 4 minutes

How to Hack Your Physiology to Manage An Anxiety Disorder

Your physiology reveals your psychology. - Dr. John Demartini, Researcher, Teacher, & Author Anxiety disorders (and mood disorders in general) are on the...

Read Time: 4 minutes
Breathe, Mindfulness

The Mindful Minute: 60 Seconds to More Well-being & Presence

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath. - Amit Ray,...

Read Time: 4 minutes
Intuition, Yogic Path

How To Use The Adi Mantra For More Self-Knowledge, Clarity, & Insight

What is a mantra? Mantra is two words: Man and tra. Man means mind. Tra means the heat of life....

Read Time: 5 minutes

Improve Concentration & Focus With These 3 Effective Breathing Exercises

True concentration is an unbroken thread of awareness.  – B.K.S. Iyengar, author of "Light on Life"  It doesn't matter if...

Read Time: 6 minutes
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Breathe, Yogic Path

Conscious Breathing: Practicing Yoga Anytime & Anywhere, Without A Mat

The average person breathes about 23,000 times per day. Breathing is the one continuous activity we do non-stop, all day,...

Read Time: 4 minutes

Yoga When You’re Sick: How Your Perceptions Determine Wellness or Illness

The meaning of yoga is connection of mind, body, and spirit.  If you have a bad telecommunication system, your body...

Read Time: 7 minutes

Get Out of A Bad Mood Quickly With This Simple 4-Step Process

Whenever you feel sad, mad, nervous, or out of control, write down the thought that underlies your unhappiness and ask...

Read Time: 7 minutes

How To Increase Inner Calm With Ocean Breathing

Calm is retained by the controlled exhalation or retention of the breath. - Sutra 1.34, Book 1, Yoga Sutras of...

Read Time: 6 minutes