As a Social Entrepreneur, Osmara is taking the concept of Doing Well by Doing Good to a whole new level. She helps women learn to live courageously by taking chances and getting to the core of self sabotage. Her talk at our chapter meeting highlighted everything she stands for. Osmara is heading a tribal movement; powerful women looking to do good in the world through their influencing their industry. I am grateful for having Osmara as part of my tribe. The Power of Women will be unleashed because of visionaries like Osmara Vindel.

Johanna Salazar
MBA, VP - Production Planning & Operations at Viacom
Co-founder, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs - Miami Chapter

I had Osmara speak to my audience of 300 women about mindset and internal beliefs, and she knocked it out of the park. Osmara not only has the knowledge but also the ability to connect with you so that you “get it” and feel the impetus to make a change. That’s by far the hardest thing to find in a speaker. I recommend her without reservation, knowing that whatever she commits to, she executes at the highest level.

Michelle Villalobos
Michelle Villalobos, Founder: Women’s Success Summit

I have worked with consultants before and Osmara is by far the best. She really knows how to gently and easily help me move past my blocks and self-imposed limitations. I am always amazed at how much understanding and patience she shows when my resistance comes up. She knows exactly what to do to acknowledge where I am at but at the same time, show me how to see things differently. She is a great ally to have on your side.

Robyn P. Morris

Osmara Vindel is a dynamic and captivating teacher. She has an amazing ability to connect with the audience in an emotionally compelling manner. Her skill and talent as a professional speaker is evident. I have been fortunate to hear her present on a couple of different occasions and her presentations have always been thought-provoking and educational. Osmara, thank you so much for presenting to my organization, you met and exceeded our expectations.

Michelle Joubert
MBA, Co-Founder: mindfulCITY

I worked with Osmara for a few months and during that time I have seen a dramatic change in the way I view myself and my abilities. I initially contacted Osmara to get some coaching on starting my own photographic business, and at that time it was merely a thought I had had in my head that I was struggling to take action on. Through Osmara’s coaching, I have been able to work through my self-doubt and limiting beliefs, which has been a huge stepping stone on the way to success.

Not only has Osmara’s coaching helped me to realize my business aspirations, but her knowledge of Universal Laws has helped me to manifest some amazing opportunities that I probably would have missed out on.

For example, I had been told about a job opportunity that, prior to coaching, I would have thought was out of my league. However, I thought that I could definitely do this job, and do it well, and was about to start taking steps to apply for the job.

I had been visualizing working there, my company name on display for all to see, me doing what I love to do – take photos.

Then, BAM! Without having to take any further action, the job fell straight into my lap, it was OFFERED to me! I was gobsmacked!

Wow, I thought, Osmara really is onto something!

And that’s just one example.

I cannot thank Osmara enough for all her guidance and support, her lovely nature, and her endless amount of knowledge on business and universal laws. My business would not be up and running today if not for her consulting with me.”

Amy Semmens
Wife / Mother of 4 / Photographer, Melbourne, Australia

I have had the opportunity to witness Osmara in action and have collaborated with her in various ways. Her energy and presence immediately grabs you. She combines her passion, her personal experiences and her highly skilled training in a way that makes audience listen and act. Her topics, presence and delivery inspire and propel you forward.

Daniel Gutierrez
Author, Speaker and Radio Personality

Osmara Vindel communicates a unique blend of specialized knowledge and personal empathy that comes from her studies and her own life experience. I have seen her speak to large groups several times. Her ability to relate very well to her audience members helps them to come away with some new insights that are relevant and immediately applicable to their lives.

Todd Goodwin
Founder: Miami Hypnosis Center

There are few places outside of your own thoughts where you can feel ‘safe’ without the confines of social standards. These past few months I have become comfortable with my own thoughts. Consulting with Osmara has given me a sense of being content with my feelings whatever they may be. The experience has taught me how to almost step outside my body during a situation, applaud and whisper, “Good girl… well said… well done.”

Judy Lara
Wife / Mother / Writer / Businesswoman

Do you believe in miracles? As a career woman who has been taught her entire life that ‘nothing is handed to you on a silver platter and life is what you make of it (and you better not end up in the kitchen)’ neither did I. I was in control of all aspects of my life, from my education, career, job to the ‘esteemed’ people I surrounded myself with. And I was miserable.

Nothing was ever good enough. Nothing was ever challenging enough. I couldn’t satiate the unstoppable thirst that thrived in me. If I had done everything right, how come I felt so empty? It all caught up with me and in a matter of weeks my universe crumbled in front of me leaving me with no control over anything around me… until I received a phone call that changed my life.

If there was a place I had to be it was in Osmara’s Butterfly Club. I had been taught to neglect the only part of me that could ever make me whole: my soul, and I found it here. Now I know I grow stronger than ever, and I join this group of courageous soul warriors in spreading the love that will make us all happier, fulfilled, and conscious beings.

Paul Echevarria
Producer: Media Producer

Osmara is dynamic and engaging. Attending her workshops, courses, and presentations is a motivating and inspiring experience each and every time. Osmara has a magnetic and exciting personality, and a sincere & genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Her compassionate nature and determined high-energy spirit makes her an amazing woman who will certainly impact this world in the most positive way. I have a high respect for Osmara’s mission and vision, and I applaud and commend her for all that she has accomplished and will continue to accomplish.

Beverly Basila
H.L.C., N.W.E

Some time ago I found myself in a very dark and unforgiving place. I had lost drive, purpose, interest and sadly, myself along the process. I turned to faith as an anchor but it wasn’t enough, realizing that my demons continued to haunt me on a daily basis. As an analytical human being, I wanted answers, tools, and direction.

I needed to do the work. I was welcomed with open arms into Osmara’s Butterfly Club, where I immediately felt a sense of belonging and safety. During my first month of working with her, two things were revealed that would be essential in my unleashing: support & accountability. It felt like milk and honey in a world full of ashes. These two powerful words would propel me from autopilot to a place of introspection, awareness, and growth.

Osmara’s learning material is carefully crafted to nurture the soul, increase awareness, and serve as a guide to one’s ultimate unleashing.

Diana Pinto
Founder: Learning Matters, Inc.

I am very thankful that Osmara has entered my life at the perfect time that she did. I was on unfamiliar territory in my career and was burdened with disappointments and losses to which seemed endless. I decided to take a risk, not realizing it was in following my dreams such success could actually happen. It was through consulting with her that I turned my life around and have been living my life by my dreams, values, and goals, from a place of strength. By aligning my thoughts and emotions, opportunity knocks on my door, and I’ve learned to embrace it. She has helped me tremendously and for that I am forever thankful.

Melany Velazquez
Miami, FL

I started this spiritual path a short while ago. I was like a magnet, automatically drawn to Osmara and her teachings. I was instantly attracted to her message, compassion, unshakeable beliefs, and powerful energy.

I am totally aware now that I am not the same person I used to be. My old habits/ way of thinking were no longer serving me. Being in a dark space for so long, I realized that society fools you to believe that this is how you must live the rest of your life. I always knew there was something better for me, but now I actually live it.

Being a part of Osmara’s tribe impacted me to be the observer in my life; to feel to heal. To use her ingenious tools to shift and raise the bar for myself and others. I’ve unleashed it baby!

Zuseth Amador
Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa

I don’t believe in coincidences. Osmara’s Butterfly Club was brought to my attention at the best time possible. I had no idea what to expect at first, working with Osmara, but then my mind was blown. I had just begun selfrecovery from an autopilot lifestyle. I was seeking encouragement, empowerment, and reassurance that it was ok to think, be, and create something different.

Osmara and the ladies at the Club gave me that and more. They helped me stay true to myself and to others. They were my trustworthy and dependable tribe during my tough and liberating soul searching time.

Working with her gave me the tools and the support I needed to realize the power within myself, the power within others, and also how powerful we can be together.

Soul searching never ends, and my journey of growth has been amazing. It was no coincidence that life put Osmara and the Club in my path. It was meant to happen and I couldn’t feel more happier that it did.

Keila Oses
Research Analyst & Hypnotist

Osmara has created a beautiful book, The Unleashing, to help empower women everywhere! She has written a comprehensive guide to help readers create the life they have always dreamed about. The book is easy to read and filled with cutting edge information. Thanks for helping me and all your readers “unleash it!”

Eva Ritvo
MD, Co-Author: “The Beauty Prescription”

I just read The Unleashing and I could not put it down. You are an amazing writer and woman. My niece gave it to me as a gift. It touched my soul and it has awoken something inside me. A must-read for every woman.

Edna Long
Orlando, FL

Thank you, Osmara, for this much-needed inspirational kick in the behind! Reading, “The Unleashing,” I had countless realizations of the myriad ways in which I am currently ‘playing small.’ You show readers how to kick their life and creativity into high gear and really take control of and responsibility for the outcomes we want. A fantastic must-read book for all women (and men!) who want to get out of the their own way and really live life to the fullest.

Anna Morrison

I enjoyed this book so much I already gave it to one of my best friends! Osmara is a beautiful, candid and powerful individual and she shows us how we can be the same. One of the things I love most about this book is that you feel that Osmara is in the room with you, having a conversation. It is that real and so quick to read. This book teaches you to unleash your True Self and soar!

Macarena Zilveti
Founder: Badges of Courage

Osmara is a modern-day muse. Her words will invigorate your journey and give you strong legs to stand on as you plow forth into being truly who you are. Use The Unleashing as your guide to pinpoint where you are right now and where you want to go. It will take you there.

Jessica Kizorek

Thank you for writing this book. Thank you for being ‘unreasonable’ and pushing beyond all of the reasons and excuses you could have used to stop yourself from following this through to its completion. Thank you for the love, passion, and commitment that pour out of the pages. And thank you for who you are and the difference you are making in the world! I am re-inspired to write, create, teach, record, and continue touching hearts and transforming lives!

Gladys Diaz
Co-Founder, Heart’s Desire Int’l.

The Unleashing gave me chills because I have been waiting for ‘God knows what’ to come alive… for the conversations in my brain to stop… I am writing a book (not finished), I am rebranding my design firm (not launched), I am designing my own line of home furniture (not completed)… This little bit of an excerpt gave me a kick in the a**! Thanks Osmara… You rock.

Maria Elena Holguin
Founder: Holguin Interiors

Great guide for anyone who desires to live life with purpose while have fun too! As I read Chapter 3, Unleashing Through Chaos, it confirmed why a human being must experience more than one chaotic moment throughout a lifetime – as well as the power in one’s choices to move through chaos. I highly recommend to read the book and be guided by techniques that will inspire action and enjoy life’s journey.

Brenda Leguisano
Miami, FL
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