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Yoga for Golfers – 6 Ways Yoga Can Help You Improve Your Golf Game

Updated on 16 August 2020 • 13 minute read


Is yoga good for golfers? 

Yoga is a synergistic blend of strength/endurance building, flexibility/mobility enhancing, breathwork, energy management, and mind-body-presence cultivation. 

All of these practices can help you improve your golf game if you’re consistent and diligent. 

The main objective of yoga is to help you experience union in your body and mind, and then extend that sense of unity to the outside world. 

In this way, yoga helps you to become more embodied – to live more deeply in your body. 

This means you can experience more body mastery out on the golf course too. 

Yoga’s origins date back thousands of years and through each major period, it has evolved and transformed, much like the potential experience of those who practice it wholeheartedly. 


6 ways yoga can help you improve your golf game 

Let’s look at each of these in more detail and explore the further benefits of incorporating a regular yoga practice (sadhana) to your golf training. 


Strength/ Endurance

Even though many yoga poses have uncommon names like Warrior pose, Vasisthasana, Pigeon, Crescent Lunge, Malasana, Chaturanga, and Lizard pose, it’s important to note that in their essence the poses are the same or similar to strengthening exercises you’re probably already accustomed to such as lunges, squats, planks, low planks, side planks, hip flexor stretches, and push-ups. 

Yoga flow sequences like vinyasa and ashtanga unite these poses into one fluid, continuous current that is repetitive and activates the muscles. 

This can lead to core, shoulder, leg, and hip strengthening, all of which are important for proper golf form. 

Yoga can help you better take your address (setup position) by strengthening your core muscles while improving spinal position and posture. 



Yoga practice (especially Yin yoga) keeps us flexible and limber. 

Many of us, especially golfers, deal with neck and shoulder tension, weakness, and muscular tightness. 

This can impact your address position which impacts your swing and performance. 

Yin yoga is the opposite of the muscle-focused, repetitive movement of vinyasa and ashtanga-like styles. 

Yin yoga helps to relax the muscles while working the connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments. 

It’s a slow-moving and static practice of holding the poses in stillness for typically anywhere from 1-5 minutes depending on the intensity and nature of the pose. 



One of the main pillars of yoga is called Pranayama (yoga breathing). 

Pranayama exercises help train us to breathe better and more efficiently. 

Several yoga breathing techniques involve diaphragmatic (belly) breathing which activates the diaphragm. 

The diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle above your digestive organs and below your lungs. 

When you inhale you activate it by extending your lower belly outwardly and keeping your upper body still. 

When you exhale the lower belly contracts inwardly towards the spine. 

Breathing in this manner has multiple benefits such as increasing a sense of calm and decreasing the stress response in the body. 

This helps you focus more intensely on your postural awareness, swing, and aim. 


Energy management 

In yoga, we also intentionally breathe in specific ways to manage our internal energy. 

The word ‘pranayama’ literally translates to ‘regulation of vital energy.’

Did you know you can increase energy levels just by breathing in specific ways? 

Likewise, you can also increase inner calm and dissolve stress by breathing in specific ways. 

You might not directly think of energy management as it pertains to your golf game, but learning to increase your internal energy levels through proper breathing can be a game-changer. 


Mind-Body Connection & Presence 

The yogic practices of Tapas (self-discipline), Svadhyaya (self-study), Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender and dedication), and Dharana (sustained one-pointed focus) are all meant to help you learn to live in the moment and cultivate presence and self-awareness. 

This is especially true during times of mental, emotional, or physical stress and challenge. 

If you’re a golfer these practices can help you stay focused, present, dedicated, and patient as you work on your skills. 


Body Awareness

Yoga practice leads to increased ‘proprioception’ or the awareness and perception of your own body movements and position in space. 

Whether you’re flowing through a vinyasa class or working your way through yin poses, it’s important to remember that every pose, every transition, every sequence demands your full attention and awareness. 

In order to fully step into the unity and connective space that is true yoga you’ll need to sustain focus and awareness of your foot position, your breath, and your alignment. 

Postural awareness is extremely important in golf because without proper form everything else becomes unstable. 


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Golf Learning Center


Hit the ball farther and more consistent than you ever thought possible. Let the professional instructors of the Golf Learning Center help you to understand the golf swing, learn the fundamentals of golf and why they are necessary to create a golf shot.


Golf is a game of habits

Either you create good habits or bad habits. For example, a good habit may be holding the club in your fingers, allowing your wrist to work correctly. A bad habit may be holding the club in the palm of your hand, hindering wrist action. Those who have played golf before all have habits in their golf swing; those who haven’t played before will create habits the minute they start. Make sure your habits are correct ones.


At the Golf Learning Center you will be taught in America’s newest and largest indoor golf facility complete with hitting stations, indoor chipping, putting green, and private video analysis room.


The instructors of theGolf Learning Center will also help you evaluate your game, find the areas of strength, the areas of weakness, and create a personal program of drills to make practice more effective.


A Golfer’s Paradise

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing golf near national parks with towering red sandstone cliffs on the horizon with desert flora in the landscape, say hello to the Red Rock Corridor. Golf Magazine calls our area, The Red Rock Corridor, and it is centered in St. George. Our golf courses have been described as “golfer’s paradise,” “dreams come true, ” “secret golf mecca,” “golf galore and more.” Yes, St. George’s lush golf courses lure many people to this area to experience a golfer’s paradise. There are ten public courses and one private golf club.


Per capita, the St George area offers more golf than any other spot in the sunbelt. In fact, there are more courses per captia in St George than almost anywhere else in the country.


Par 72, 18 holes

7,082 yards

The Club is a private member owned club in the St. George area. This course is located and is surrounded by foothills and lush vegetation with a driving range, quality food and superior facilities for its members!


Par 72, 18 holes golf course

7,029 yards



Golf Course is the newest addition to Washington County golf. 


Set amidst beauty and splendor,  was designed to blend in with it’s natural surroundings. Many Utah golfers are already rating  as on of the top golf courses in the state.. With 100 acres of turf, 55 bunkers, two lakes and numerous washes running throughout the course,  offers enough obstacles to test any golfer.  is player friendly and features generous landing areas and five different tee blocks to suit golfers of all ages and skill levels.


The beautiful, full-service clubhouse at  features a pro shop and a restaurant, and a friendly staff is eager and willing to accommodate your every need.


Par 34, 9 hole course

2,733 yards

 Golf Course is a favorite among those golfers who like a relaxed, enjoyable round of golf. It is perfect for the golfer who likes to walk the course and enjoy the outdoors.  which opened in the mid-1960’s, was the first of four golf courses that the City of St. George has developed.


The most player-friendly golf course in Washington County, meanders around the red sandstone cliffs of Utah’s  Hundreds of mature cottonwoods, pines and mesquite provide ample shade during the warmer months.


Par 72, 18 hole golf course

7,262 yards


Snow Canyon is one of the most beautiful and one of the most difficult golf courses in Washington County and the state. features breathtaking views of the beautiful red rock Snow Canyon. You will marvel at the beauty and serenity of at Snow Canyon and you will appreciate the difficulty the designer and developers faced to layout this golf course. You might have already played as this course was chosen as one of the courses you can play on Access Software Links LS ’99.


at Snow Canyon features a pro shop and snack bar to supply you with all the equipment and refreshments you will need.


Par 71, 18-hole golf course

6,629 yards

Golf Course is owned and operated by Washington City and is one of the finest courses in Washington County, It was ranked one of the top five new public golf courses by Golf Digest in 1991.


features great variety if natural obstacles from hills and gorges to ravines and mountains throughout its 18 holes. The course offers great scenic beauty of red rock mountains and Pine Valley Mountain in the background.


includes a large clubhouse, snack bar, pro shop and driving range.


Par 72, 18 hole golf course



The is St. George’s newest luxury golf club. It offers challenging golf with awesome views of the red rocks of Snow Canyon.


The course was designed by Matt Dye and will soon operate the

Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf.


Club house – Pro Shop – FishRock Grill


Par 72, 18 hole golf course

6,312 yards

Perhaps the biggest challenge you will have at is keeping your mind focused on golf as you view the spectacular Virgin River gorge with its red rocks glowing in the warm sun.  Golf course is located 15 miles north of  in Hurricane.  is a player-friendly course and offers a driving range, pro-shop and snack bar.


Par 73, 18 hole golf course

7,217 yards


Golf Club boasts that they have some of the state’s best greens and is home to the Amateur. It is located in the Bloomington Hills area of and is a City owned course. The par 3s at  Golf Club are some of the most difficult in Washington County with average yardage of at least 190 yards, featuring forced carries over water. Moderate hills and generous terrain make  Golf Club easy on the legs.


6,100 yards




Golf Club, located on the south end of St George just east of the freeway, is a favorite among locals because of it’s laid back atmosphere and player-friendly design. is another beautiful, city-owned golf course and is great for those who are looking for a little break on their scoring average. If you like par 3’s, then this is perfect for you. has matured into a course people enjoy playing time and time again.


Golf Club features a pro shop, snack bar, range and several teaching programs directed by a staff of PGA golf professionals.


Par 36, 9 holes

3,375 yard


Par 36, 9 holes

3,444 yards


Par 36, 9 holes

3,384 yards


is the crown jewel of St. George City. Rated by Golf Digest as the No. 1 publicly owned course in the state, is the only golf club in southwestern Utah to feature 27 championship holes on three distinct nines. This course features lakes, waterfalls, and rock walls along the picturesque Santa Clara River.


nine is a 3,375-yard par 36 that features some great risk/reward holes that will force the golfers to decide to play safe or to go for it.


The nine is a par 36 that measure 3,444 yards and puts a premium on shot placement.


The newest nine, meanders through an ancient lava field and requires accurate tee shots. It is par-36 and 3, 384 yards.


Golf Club is a favorite destination of golfers everywhere and features more variety than any other facility in Washington County. With 27 holes of golf from which to choose, is able to meet all of your expectations for a great golf destination.


A new, 14,000 square-foot clubhouse features a roomy pro-shop, giant snack bar and a beautiful deck to relax on after a round of golf.


Par 71, 18 holes

6,704 yards



Golf Club is one of the newest on the Washington County golf scene and is the highlight of the retirement community. Located in the south end of St. George near Bloomington, opened in the spring of 2000. has enough features to keep the best players on their toes, but is considered to be a player-friendly course. The course features superb views of Pine Valley Mountain and the vermillion cliffs north of St George. Several fairways sit above the banks of the Virgin River and the natural terrain varies from riverside to desert. The layout is fun to play and offers some of the best greens in the state.


 Golf Club has a pro shop, snack bar, driving range and short game practice area.





Par: 72

Men’s Tees Yardage: 6893      Rating/Slope: 71.9/133

Ladies Tee Yardage: 5306      Rating/Slope: 68.6/114


Breathtaking red rock views amidst a stunning natural setting are the focal points of this John Fought designed golf course at . The golf course incorporates steep ridge lines, deep canyons, and expansive elevations to create one of the most incredible golf experiences in the West. The  experience includes 18 holes of championship golf as well as a nine hole links course designed after the early traditions of the game. The championship par-72 course stretches to over 7,000 yards but with five tees on each hole, golfers of all abilities will enjoy playing this stunning course.


Par: 72

Men’s Tees Yardage: 6515      Rating/Slope: 70.4/135

Ladies Tee Yardage: 5026      Rating/Slope: 73.0/123


“Fairway Magazine” talks about Golf: The Golf Course, just off of I-15 in Hurricane Utah at Exit 16, is one of the best courses in all of Utah golf. possesses many qualities that make it a truly great golf course for players of all levels. The golf course has a striking presence that you notice from the freeway with the great contrast of green grasses against the red rock. The fairways at  are generously wide and the greens are designed to allow you to run the ball up to the green or fly it all the way to the pin. Perhaps the quality that separates this course from many others is the great rhythm of the design. The golf course plays like a symphony with a flow and a mix that piques your interest and enhances your enjoyment. The best compliment that golfers usually bestow upon the  Golf Course is that it is fun, a term used too rarely to describe modern golf.


Par: 71

Men’s Tees Yardage: 6417      Rating/Slope: 69.2/124

Ladies Tee Yardage: 5123      Rating/Slope: 69.1/114


 in Washington Utah was one of the areas main courses for St. George’s golf course boom in the early 90’s. The golf course is a pleasure to play and offers a excellent test of golf including, two of arguably the best holes in all of Utah. These two holes feature breathtaking shots over a deep red-rock canyon, with stunning backdrops of the 10,000 foot Pine Valley Mountain and views of Red Cliffs State Park Recreation Area. From top to bottom  is a quality golf experience in Washington City, and is a course not to be missed on your next trip to Southern Utah.


Par: 72

Men’s Tees Yardage: 6713      Rating/Slope: 72.1/134

Ladies Tee Yardage: 5674      Rating/Slope: 71.0/119


  is an 1,100 acre resort community set in between  and  . This pristine and environmentally friendly community is home to 18 holes of championship golf, miles and miles of hiking and biking paths.


Par: 71

Men’s Tees Yardage: 6704      Rating/Slope: 70.6/117

Ladies Tee Yardage:               Rating/Slope:


Fairway Magazine talks about : The southern-most golf course in the St. George area is the  Golf Club. has been open for less than six years and is beginning to find its niche. offers a refreshing combination of challenging desert golf with generous fairways and true greens. With a player-friendly design, friendly atmosphere and competitive green fees, has become a hit with locals and visitors alike. The  Golf Club is the focal point of a master-planned active adult residential community and the golf course reflects that right-at-home feel and ambiance.



Par: 72

Men’s Tees Yardage: 6312       Rating/Slope: 69.9/115

Ladies Tee Yardage: 5044       Rating/Slope:


“Fairway Magazine” talks about Golf Course: Golf Course in Hurricane Utah is one of the best values in the area. The golf course is very unique with its rolling fairways and tabletop greens framed by red sand and lava-filled desert surrounds. The incredible panoramic view from the many elevated tees makes focusing on the shot at hand challenging. This is especially true on the 1st, 5th, 17th, and 18th holes as you marvel at the striking beauty of the twisted red rock landscape that gives its name. This golf course is always in wonderful condition and is a great reward for those willing to leave the beaten path. You’ll need all the clubs in your bag, but most importantly, don’t forget to bring your camera.


Par: 70

Men’s Tees Yardage: 6100      Rating/Slope: 69.1/118

Ladies Tee Yardage:               Rating/Slope:


Fairway Magazine talks about is one of the most player-friendly courses in the area. has undergone extensive redesign over the past 15 years. The front nine meanders along the beautiful Santa Clara River. Tthe back nine traverses the foothills of Tonaquint Mountain providing stunning views of downtown St. George with its red rock backdrop. is a great golf course for those looking for an enjoyable round of golf as opposed to a brutal test of your skills.


Par: 73

Men’s Tees Yardage: 7238      Rating/Slope: 73.7/126

Ladies Tee Yardage:               Rating/Slope:


Fairway Magazine talks about is a unique design that winds its way through the Ft. Pearce Wash. The course is one of the better layouts in the area and is perfect for those golfers who like to walk and wish to mix a little exercise with their round. The most prevalent features on the golf course are the challenging par-3s over water and the peninsula that hosts both the par-5 9th green and the par-4 18th green. Even though most golfers will have a short iron approach into these two greens, accuracy and distance control are at a premium.


Par: 72

Men’s Tees Yardage: 6818      Rating/Slope: 73.0/129

Ladies Tee Yardage:               Rating/Slope:


There are three 9-hole courses


Fairway Magazine talks about : The crown jewel of St. George City owned golf courses is the Golf Club. features three distinct nines.  nine meanders through the foothills of the west side of St. George, offering tremendous views of the surrounding landscape.  has plenty of water hazards and some great risk/reward holes. The Wood Bridge nine features two of the most recognizable golf holes in southern Utah. The 4th hole is a par 3 with an elevated tee shot to an island green. The island green is generous in size but it is still no consolation to golfers wishing to avoid dumping that new Titleist into the water. And if an island green isn’t enough, the par-4 5th hole has more in store for you. From the tee the famous wood bridge is visible just beyond the landing area. The hole requires a well-placed tee shot between water hazards and sagebrush, all from an elevated tee. Once you find the landing area, you will face a long approach shot into a well-guarded green. The newest addition to is the Black Rock nine. With three holes carved from lava fields, Black Rock puts a premium on accuracy. Black Rock has improved the overall playing experience at resulting in an unmatchable variety of championship golf holes.




The  Studio uses the latest in technology to help a player improve their game. We use video and computer analysis so you can see what your instructor sees.  We put motion sensors on your body to determine the positions of the body at key positions and determine the body’s sequencing and efficiency to maxamize speed and distance.  We accurately determine ball speed and distance using the portable launch monitor so when you get back on the course, you know which clubs go how far.  Then you are able to train using the sensors to make your practice more effective with real time feedback.


The K-VEST Advantage

The K-Vest sensors measure Torso and Hip rotation and are capture through the 3D animation software at an astonishing 180 frames per second. Your eyes see things at 15 frames per second and most video cameras are at 60 frames per second but K-Vest sensors show what our eyes and video can’t see. We take the data and break it down to simple terms to get you the right prescription for your swing.


Then can you imagine practicing drills with the sensors on your body and seeing it in 3D visual animation along with a synchronized video to begin learning the proper feel over and over until you do it correctly and it’s comfortable? That’s why the  Studio is different. The 3D animation changes from red to green when you achieve the proper position. Then we add an audible tone when in correct position. We train students by all three methods of visual, audio and kinesthetic (movement). The guess work is taken out of practice and better practice creates better results.


ES-12 Launch Monitor

An innovative tool engineered to enhance your golf game, the ES12 Portable Launch Monitor is an incredibly accurate and reliable golf performance solution for players of all abilities.


You can practice in our indoor facility and know exactly how far you hit a shot and calibrate yourself before your next game. The data even connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth for tracking your workout and storing the data to bring up on the course. Get your timing and speed down in our climate controlled environment so when you go on the course the only thing left to do is swing the right club. Start playing like the pros and build your confidence knowing the ball is going to go you practiced.


V1 Video Playback

Are you slicing or losing distance to you playing partners? We can video tape your swing either with our cameras and computers or simply with our iPhone or iPad. We show it back to you within seconds and you can see what your swing is doing. Don’t be surprised if it is not what you expected. We use that information to help you train better and make the necessary corrections. We can use the same technology to video you as you practice or work on swing drills. Real feedback, in real time. We help take the speculation out of the swing and coach you through the necessary changes to make it happen faster.


TPI Fitness

What is TPI? TPI is the Titleist Performance Institute and the program was designed to focus on golf specific health, fitness and golf swing biomechanics from the leading experts in the game of golf. By taking a series of simply body movement screens, we evaluate your body’s ability to have movement, stability, strength and flexibility. By assessing these screens, we can better design drills, exercises and programs tailored to meet your own abilities to reduce injuries and improve playing performance. Man or women, child or adult, high handicap or low, golfer, tennis or baseball player, your body will tell us about your potential swing challenges even before you take one swing.


As a golf instructor for over 20 years, TPI showed me why some people perform better than others. This information is critical for improvement, unless you like wearing a lot of band aids.


Optishot Golf Simulator

In an indoor studio, players still want to be able to see golf shots and get data on their golf swing. The Optishot Golf Simulator let’s players practice and play on real life courses and situations with visual feedback on each shot. Optishot also provides data on club head speed, face angle, contact at impact, golf club swing path, swing tempo & golf shot distance. All without ever having to worry about going to look for your ball or have to buy more.




Golf is a game of habits. Learn the right habits in 4000 sq. ft. indoor golf learning center.


  • 18 indoor hitting stations


  • PGA certified instructors


  • Indoor putting green


  • Outdoor putting green


  • State-of-the-art video analysis of your swing




the golf program


learn to play golf the right way


Hit the ball stronger, farther and more consistent than you ever thought possible.


Let the professional instructors of the Golf Learning Center help you to understand the golf swing, learn the fundamentals of golf and why they are necessary to create a golf shot.


Golf is a game of habits.


Either you create good habits or bad habits. For example, a good habit may be holding the club in your fingers, allowing your wrist to work correctly. A bad habit may be holding the club in the palm of your hand, hindering wrist action.


Those who have played golf before all have habits in their golf swing; those who haven’t played before will create habits the minute they start. Make sure your habits are correct ones.




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