Yogic Path

A Short History & Overview Of Yoga

Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In yoga, they come together in the...

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Yogic Path

Yoga Dictionary

It' s helpful to know the different terms and words used in the Yoga world, especially their Sanskrit translation. (Sanskrit...

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Johanna Salazar

As a Social Entrepreneur, Osmara is taking the concept of Doing Well by Doing Good to a whole new level....

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Michelle Villalobos

I had Osmara speak to my audience of 300 women about mindset and internal beliefs, and she knocked it out...

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Robyn P. Morris

I have worked with consultants before and Osmara is by far the best. She really knows how to gently and...

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Michelle Joubert

Osmara Vindel is a dynamic and captivating teacher. She has an amazing ability to connect with the audience in an...

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Amy Semmens

I worked with Osmara for a few months and during that time I have seen a dramatic change in the...

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Daniel Gutierrez

I have had the opportunity to witness Osmara in action and have collaborated with her in various ways. Her energy...

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Todd Goodwin

Osmara Vindel communicates a unique blend of specialized knowledge and personal empathy that comes from her studies and her own...

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Judy Lara

There are few places outside of your own thoughts where you can feel ‘safe’ without the confines of social standards....

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Paul Echevarria

Do you believe in miracles? As a career woman who has been taught her entire life that ‘nothing is handed...

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Beverly Basila

Osmara is dynamic and engaging. Attending her workshops, courses, and presentations is a motivating and inspiring experience each and every...

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